Today's WOD




Snatch Pull

Try to go heavier than last time we did these: 10.13.14


Hang Snatch
3×2 @ 65% of 1rm snatch
2×2 @ 70% or 1rm snatch


3 Rounds for Time:
100 double-unders
12 push presses*
12 strict pullups

*Push presses should be the same weight as your last hang snatch, or 70% of your last snatch pull


How is CrossFit Different?


At least a couple of times every week, someone will ask me, "how is CrossFit different than boot camp/P90x/Zumba/etc?" On one hand, it's an annoying question: CrossFit is different from those other programs in the same way that an apple is different from a twinkie. They're in the same basic category (food), but their defining characteristics are significantly different in ways that are obvious to those who are practiced in the art…

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  • 10.24.14


    CrossFit Manatee is proudly participating in Barbells…

  • 11.1.14


    The PANTHEON GAMES is a two day…

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  • - Nickie, 35

    I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy coming to CrossFit... I know I don't come every day, but this is the longest I have stuck with the same thing, and the most I have worked out in forever (don't laugh!)… Read More >

  • - David, 31

    I started Crossfit at the end of 2012 because I was beginning to notice that when playing 18 holes of golf I was really starting to tire out after the first 9-12 and would have a good game go to a bad… Read More >

  • - Korri, 30

    I first heard about CrossFit from a friend, a few years ago. I was always intrigued, but thought the expense was crazy! My workout consisted of an online program I could do at home. Effective…if I did it. After driving by the… Read More >

  • - Irene, 42

    What I didn’t know when I walked through the front doors of Crossfit Manatee, with a history of back pain and asthma, and unable to do a single pushup or run without getting winded, was that this place holds the key to helping… Read More >

  • - Clayton, 66

    I am one of the older members with some of the limitations that comes with that distinction. However, with the instruction and guidance provided by the highly trained and motivated coaches and the amazing support of the fellow members, I continue to… Read More >

  • - Julie, 45

    CrossFit Manatee has changed my whole definition of fitness. Before I started CrossFit, a little over a year ago, I used to run regularly and thought of myself as pretty fit. However, my eating was all over the place...and so was my… Read More >

  • - Jamie, 41

    Having never really exercised, I joined CFM just before I turned 40. Thanks to the guidance and encouragement of my trainers and fellow CFM members, I’m in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally. Read More >

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