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Bang for your Buck

David Sheppard

CrossFit is all about the idea of getting the most “bang for your buck” out of the time you spend in the gym. We use compound movements in Foundation work to build strength and coordination throughout your whole body, as opposed to using isolation exercises to strengthen one muscle group at a time. We use high-intensity (and therefore short duration) WODs to build physical capacity across a wide spectrum of demands and jump-start your metabolism, as opposed to doing more traditional cardio that just improves oxidative efficiency and burns calories.

We also offer big bang for your actual buck: A member at CrossFit Manatee gets access to at least five (and usually more) unique hours of professionally programmed and coached CrossFit classes every week, for about $40 per week. Five hours of personal training time would run closer to $300 at a traditional gym.

So we’ve got a fitness program that focuses on giving you the biggest return (in terms of physical adaptation, body change, and health improvement) and also offers the most cost-effective way to get personalized professional health and fitness guidance. Why isn’t everyone knocking down our doors to get in? Why doesn’t CrossFit Manatee have 3,000 members?

The answer is simple: CrossFit is hard. The best way to get stronger is to lift heavy stuff — and that’s a scary and painful thing to do. The best way to get faster is to run as quickly as you can — and that makes you feel like your legs and lungs are on fire. Change is uncomfortable, and physical change requires physical discomfort. But people don’t like discomfort. This is why “7-minute abs” is so popular: It promises a big payoff (Abs!) for very little effort (Just 7 minutes!). Despite the fact that it never works that way, people are so drawn in to the false hope of big rewards for no effort that fitness scams like this rake in billions of dollars every year.

CrossFit is different. CrossFit offers an even bigger payoff (Health! Self-confidence! The physical ability to handle whatever life throws at you! Abs!), with a very low price in terms of money and time (Roughly $40 and 5 hours per week), but a very high price in terms of effort, dedication, and the will to endure physical discomfort. But CrossFit’s program actually works, and for those who can handle the demands of CrossFit, the results are worth more than they could ever have imagined.



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