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04.30.13 – Tuesday – Risk Management

CrossFit is dangerous. Every time you step in the gym, you are performing movements that could potentially result in serious injury. Of course, the same is true every time you step into your home, place of work, bathtub, chiropractor’s office, or favorite golf course. Everything you do in life carries with it a certain degree…

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04.29.13 – Monday – Being an Affiliate

CrossFit Manatee is a CrossFit affiliate gym. Sometimes, people are confused as to what, exactly, this means. Here’s what the official CrossFit Community website says about affiliate gyms: CrossFit is also a community of more than 4,500 gyms worldwide. Those are all local, small businesses that share the philosophies of CrossFit and legally license the…

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04.26.13 – Friday – Last Day for Regionals Hotel Discount

For those of you coming to Regionals on May 17-19, today is the last day to book your room at the Courtyard by Marriott at our special discounted price of $84/night: Click here to reserve a room with one king sized bed, or Click here to reserve a room with two queen-sized beds Also, don’t forget…

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04.25.13 – Thursday – Beach WOD!

Don’t forget, we’re having a beach WOD this Saturday (April 27), at 8:30 a.m. at the trolley stop on Coquina Beach (at the south end of Anna Maria Island — the trolley stop farthest to the south on this map). We’ll do a super-fun team WOD and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine! We will not have…

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04.23.13 – Tuesday – Lessons Learned

There have been a number of times in my athletic life thus far that I’ve experienced a major jump in my performance or ability. When thinking about those times, I’ve realized that each one relates pretty clearly to one major change that I implemented based on something new I’d learned. These are the lessons that…

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04.22.13 – Monday – New Goodies

You asked, and we delivered. We have some new goodies that are available for you at the gym now, and other new goodies that will be available by the end of the week: WOD journals Looking for the perfect paper-based solution to track your PR’s, goals and WODs? Look no further! We have super-cool custom…

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04.20.13 – Saturday – Team WODs

I love team WODs. They take advantage of all the things that are really special about CrossFit: the community aspect, the support from your fellow athletes, the playground-like nature of our gyms and our workouts, and the fact that the fundamental reason that most people stick with CrossFit is that it’s just good old-fashioned fun!…

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04.19.13 – Friday – Zackapalooza

I’m hopping on a plane for a family wedding in Chattanooga this morning. You kids be good while Uncle Zack takes care of you this weekend… And remember, today’s pullups are all STRICT pullups. No kipping! Foundation Front Squat 5 x 3 WOD “Jackie” For Time: Row 1,000m* 50 thrusters (45/35) 30 pullups Cap: 16…

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04.18.13 – Thursday – Finding ways to de-stress

Stress sucks. We can get stressed out for lots of reasons: a big project at work, a fight with your significant other, or bad traffic on Manatee, just to name a few. Excessive stress has lots of negative effects: You don’t sleep as well, your hormone levels change, your WOD performance suffers, and you’re generally…

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