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06.29.13 – Saturday – Roc and Jeff are Famous!

Our two newest Manatee trainers (it sounds like they work at Sea World!) are all official — their bios are up on our About Us page. Head on over and check them out. You might learn something new about the people who are torturing you helping you become the healthiest, fittest version of you! Team WOD…

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06.28.13 – Expansion!

As you all know, we’ve started to outgrow our current space. Our little 750-square-foot exercise floor gets pretty crowded when we have classes of 9-12 people trying to do thrusters or box jumps. Therefore, we are incredibly excited to announce that we will be expanding into the next-door unit within a few weeks! The unit…

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06.27.13 – Thursday – Origins of the Girl WODs

This video tells the story of Fran, the most famous of the “girl” workouts. It’s a fascinating watch that offers some really cool insight into the origins of CrossFit: [youtube] Foundation Weighted Pullups 7 x 1 Work sets at 85% or more of 1rm WOD “Jackie” For Time: Row 1,000m* 50 thrusters (45/35) 30…

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06.25.13 – Tuesday – Interest vs Dedication

Are you interested in being healthier? Or are you dedicated to being the healthiest person you can be? If you’re interested in health, you think about going to the gym. Maybe you try out that diet your friend told you about. You exercise to burn calories. You’re constantly worried if you’re doing the right thing,…

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06.24.13 – Monday – Why We Scale

Some people think of scaling as something you do until you can “RX” the WODs. They think of scaling as a temporary thing, as a stage of life that CrossFitters must pass through on their journey towards being elite, badass, RX-only ninjas. This is false. EVERYBODY scales. All the time. Or, at least, everybody should…

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06.22.13 – Saturday – CrossFit Jokes

Knock knock Who’s there? Fran Aaaaaaahhh! (Sound of feet running away) Why did the CrossFitter cross the road? Who cares why — what was his time? What’s the difference between a CrossFitter and a drug addict? One is dependent on an unshaven guy in athletic shorts for her daily fix of stuff that her friends…

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06.21.13 – Friday – Anyone Can CrossFit

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: “I’d like to try CrossFit, but I’m not in good enough shape.” Let me put this simply: If you can breathe, stand upright, and walk, you’re in good enough shape to start CrossFit. Heck, even if you can’t do one or two of those…

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06.20.13 – Thursday – Rest Days

We program for 5 days of exercise each week, with two days of rest. Those rest days are important; they’re your body’s chance to recuperate from the abuse it gets when you work out, and to make itself stronger, faster, and more capable of kicking butt on your next WOD. I think most of us…

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06.18.13 – Tuesday – Vacay!

This is Lucas’s last day at the gym until next Thursday (June 27). He’s spending a week in Illinois for a family wedding. If you have anything you need to talk to him about, do it today! That lazy bastard will be hard to get a hold of once he’s up in the midwestern wilderness……

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