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08.31.13 – Saturday – Disappointment

I’m mad right now. I discovered today that the money we keep handy to make change, which is kept in a little drawer near the cubbies, is gone. In talking with our trainers, I’ve determined it probably disappeared earlier this week. We’re not talking about a ton of money here — about $30. The gym…

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08.30.13 – Friday – What is a Good Workout?

As a fitness professional and CrossFit coach, there’s nothing I hate more than the general public’s seeming inability to comprehend what does or does not constitute a “good workout.” Your average person goes through a 45-minute sweatfest made up of “dumbbell curl step-ups” and the ugliest, most dangerous “power cleans” I’ve ever seen in my…

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08.29.13 – Thursday – Labor Day Hours

In celebration of the Labor Day holiday, the 9:00 a.m. class will be the only class offered on Monday, September 2. No other classes will be held on that day. We will offer our normal weekend schedule on Saturday, August 31. Foundation Pistol practice then… 2 min AMRAP:Pistols! WOD 5 Rounds for Time:5 deadlifts (275/195)25…

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08.27.13 – Tuesday – Overhead Squats are Sexy

Some folks get frustrated by overhead squats. They’re the lightest weighted squats we do, they’re very tough technically, and they don’t respond well to brute force like a deadlift or back squat. So why are overhead squats so great? I’m glad you asked: They expose movement problems The single quickest way to figure out 90%…

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08.24.13 – Saturday – Events

Two quick event reminders: Fantasy Football Draft is TODAY (Saturday) at 5:30 p.m. at the gym! We’ll talk some smack and perhaps responsibly enjoy a beverage or two while drafting for the first annual CrossFit Manatee Fantasy Football League! Bring a wi-fi enabled laptop or other device to participate in the live online draft. If…

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08.22.13 – Thursday – Self-Doubt

Sometimes, people feel-self conscious about working out in a class. It’s natural to be worried about what other people think, especially when you don’t feel confident that you’re doing something well. Worrying about what other people think is natural, but it gets in the way of you achieving your goals. If you’re thinking about trying…

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08.19.13 – Monday – Fantasy Football

Football season is coming up soon, and CrossFit Manatee is getting in on the action with a Fantasy Football league for members and friends of the gym. The league is free to join, no previous experience or football expertise is required, and the winner(s) of the season will receive unspecified-and-not-very-valuable-but-probably-amusing prizes, as well as major…

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