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10.31.13 – Thursday – The Terrifying Truth About Weight Loss

Reminder: Costumes are encouraged at all classes today, and required for our special 7:30 p.m. Halloween class and the following social. Most people think the recipe for weight loss looks like this: Eat less Burn calories Become runway-model skinny That plan will work, in a way. If all you care about is making the number on…

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10.29.13 – Tuesday – Halloween!

Here are our plans for Halloween on Thursday: We encourage costumes at every class! This is the one day of the year that you have the excuse to wear whatever ridiculous get-up you deem fit. So take advantage! The 7:30 class will be our special Halloween class! Costumes will be required for the 7:30 p.m….

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10.27.13 – Monday – Intensity and Scaling

The official definition of CrossFit is simply this: Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement Functional movement refers to the fact that we use movements that simulate real-world activities (e.g. a deadlift, which looks awfully similar to picking something up) and/or produce high power output (moving a large load over a long distance, quickly). Constant variation refers…

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10.26.13 – Saturday – Turkey Day Challenge!

Today marks the beginning of our Turkey Day Challenge! The Challenge is four weeks of focusing on your health and fitness to prepare yourself to face the temptations of the holiday season. So get ready for fun and games as we make this next month the healthiest one of the year! If you haven’t registered…

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10.25.13 – Friday – Family Matters

We talk a lot about CrossFit Manatee being a family. About how Manatees support each other during WODs and push each other to succeed both inside and outside of the gym. About how the common suffering of a workout forges bonds that can be stronger than the friendships we build with coworkers and neighbors, and…

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10.24.13 – Thursday – 300th Post!

This post — these very words that you are reading right now — is the 300th post on this blog. That’s crazy town! Those 300 posts represent a lot of information tossed from my brain to the interwebs (for better or worse), so I thought it might be appropriate to take this opportunity to highlight…

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10.22.13 – Tuesday – Squat Mobility

We’ve been doing a lot of squats lately with our now-infamous Hatch Cycle. Doing so many squats at such heavy weights tends to expose deficiencies in squat form and/or mobility. To get the most out of the cycle, and to significantly decrease the likelihood of overuse injuries from so much squatting, it’s a good idea…

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10.21.13 – Monday – Turkey Day Challenge

The Turkey Day Challenge starts this coming Saturday, October 26. CrossFit Manatee members should email Lucas to sign up, and non-members can join the Challenge (including four weeks of unlimited membership!) for a mere $100 by registering online. The Turkey Day Challenge will be four weeks of focused support to help you get healthy in…

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10.19.13 – Saturday – SocialWOD

For those of you who haven’t claimed your SocialWOD profile yet, I encourage you to take a few minutes to do so. All you have to do is click here, select your whiteboard name from the drop-down menu, and register with your Facebook account or email address. Claiming your SocialWOD account will allow you to…

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