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11.30.13 – Saturday – Toes-to-bar, Explained

Today we examine my favorite “says-what-it-is” exercise: Toes-to-bar What is a toes-to-bar? A toes-to-bar is a movement in which you hang from the pullup bar with your body in a straight line, and then bring your toes up to touch the pullup bar. The name of the exercise says what it is: You bring your…

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11.29.13 – Friday – Holidays

Black Friday hours: Classes at 6a, 7a, 9a, and 12p. Come get your post-Thanksgiving WOD on! Massive amounts of turkey, stuffing, casserole, pie, and other goodies were consumed yesterday. Today is time to get back at it — we have 3 weeks to work off that Thanksgiving feast and get ready for Christmas ham and…

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11.27.13 – Wednesday – Thanksgiving

Today’s schedule: Class at 6a and 9a Open Gym from 10a-1p We are closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving In no particular order, a list of things I’m thankful for: The awesome people at CrossFit ManateeWithout our awesome members and trainers, our gym would just be a big, empty storefront with some barbells. You guys make CFM…

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11.26.13 – Tuesday – Holiday Week Schedule

Today (Tuesday) we will run a full, normal weekday schedule. For the rest of this holiday week, our schedule will be as follows: Wednesday: 6a, 9a, Open Gym 10a-1p Thursday: CLOSED Friday: 6a, 7a, 9a, 12p Saturday: 7:30a, 9a, 11a (CF101) We will be doing Week 8, Day 2 of the Hatch Squat Cycle on…

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11.25.13 – Monday – Turkey Day Winners!

Everybody did an awesome job with the Turkey Day Challenge wrap-up this weekend. Your hard work over the past few weeks paid off: By my count, we had a whopping total of 23 PR’s on the deadlift, and as a group we averaged 10% improvement on the WOD — after only five weeks! That’s pretty…

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11.23.13 – Saturday – The Deadlift, Explained

Today marks the end of our Turkey Day Challenge! Come in and do the WOD this morning to see how much you’ve improved over the past few weeks! Today, we examine the humble deadlift: What is a deadlift? A deadlift is simply picking something up from the ground. In the conventional barbell deadlift, you begin…

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11.22.13 – Friday – “In Shape for CrossFit”

People sometimes think of CrossFit as an intimidating thing. They envision CrossFit gyms as boxes full of ultra-fit, cyborg-like supermen and superwomen. They think that if they go to a CrossFit class, they’ll be the only person there who can’t squat 500 pounds or who doesn’t know what a “high hang squat clean” is. This…

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11.21.13 – Thursday – Holiday Hours

Next week’s hours will be as follows: Monday: Normal hours Tuesday: Normal hours Wednesday: Classes at 6a and 9a, Open Gym from 10a-1p Thursday: Closed Friday: Classes at 6a, 7a, 9a, and 12p Saturday: Normal hours We’ll be squatting on Monday and Wednesday, since we’re closed on Thursday. If you can’t make it on Wednesday,…

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11.20.13 – Wednesday – Rest Day

Blog post goes up an hour late? Just say it’s part of that whole “constantly varied” thing. Be good to your body on this rest day, guys. If you can make it in to do the Recovery WOD, do it. If not, at least make sure you get plenty of sleep and good food, and…

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11.19.13 – Tuesday – Fashion Statements

I think most CrossFit t-shirts are stupid. Usually, the front has some sort of intimidating logo — skulls with crossed barbells underneath, or the gym name dripping blood, or some sort of super-muscled, snorting bull with crazy eyes. On the back, there’s often some saying that’s supposed to sound super-intense and hard-core: “Your workout is…

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