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05.01.14 – Thursday – Simple Nutrition Advice, Complicated

The nutritional approach we recommend at CFM isn’t that complex. We simply advise that members eat enough real food to support their level of activity. That’s fairly straightforward, at least on the surface, but like all dietary advice, it can be tough to unpack and figure out exactly what that really means. So let’s dive a…

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04.30.14 – Wednesday – Unexpected Physical Adaptations From CrossFit

When you started CrossFit, you wanted to get stronger and faster, maybe leaner or more muscular. And those things happened (or are in the process of happening) — you’re now a lean, mean, CrossFit machine! …But other things have happened to your body, too. Things you didn’t think about before joining CrossFit. These are the…

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04.28.14 – Monday – Better Late Than Never…

Better late than never, right? I mean, I totally didn’t forget to schedule a blog post for tonight. This was on purpose. Constantly varied, you know? Sometimes the blog post goes up promptly the night before, and sometimes it doesn’t. This is preparing you for real life, because things don’t always happen on schedule. So the…

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04.26.14 – Saturday – Old People Are Awesome

Many of us love watching CrossFit competitions, and keep track of the big names in the CrossFit Games each year. We see these men and women performing ridiculous feats of strength, speed, and endurance, and it inspires us to try to be the best we can be. But the CrossFit Games aren’t just about the young kids….

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04.25.14 – Friday – Relative Costs

Unlike many other CrossFit gyms, we publish all of our membership prices. Our pricing is extremely reasonable for the service we provide: CrossFit Manatee members have access to 42 custom-programmed, professionally-coached CrossFit classes each week; coached Open Gym time; and specialty content such as yoga classes and in-depth seminars on a variety of health and fitness…

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04.24.14 – Thursday – Energy Systems

We’ve talked about your body’s ability to produce power, and about how that ability decreases as the duration of a workout increases. You’re able to run faster and lift more weight at the beginning of a WOD than you are 5 minutes into the WOD, and you’re even slower and weaker 10 minutes in, and so…

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04.23.14 – Wednesday – Fun Stuff Today!

Two great events at CrossFit Manatee on Wednesday night (tonight!): Running Workshop at 5:30p Fact: When we post running-related WODs, we see a 25%-30% decrease in attendance. That’s some serious cherry-picking. This tells us that, as a group, we need to address our running-phobia. Many of us rationalize our aversion to running (“I’m not fast,” “I get…

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04.22.14 – Tuesday – Failure

You tried your best, but it wasn’t quite good enough. You rocked the interview, but still didn’t get the job. You ran as fast as you could, but didn’t win the race. You pulled on that bar as hard as possible, but you couldn’t quite complete the lift. You’ve failed… or have you? An unsuccessful job…

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