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05.31.14 – Saturday – Jumping Position

Every time we clean or snatch, you hear your coaches emphasizing “jumping position” or “power position.” This is the position from which you quickly and forcefully extend your hips, knees, and ankles (which you can think of as a jump) in order to rapidly pull the bar up. Hitting this position correctly on each and every…

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Open Recap

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Coming back from a break

Consistency is the key to performing well in the gym and achieving your health and fitness goals. Seriously, for great results, all you have to do is show up every day and give whatever amount of energy you have on that day to completing the work on the board. But what happens when you don’t…

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05.30.14 – Friday – Random Thoughts

This week’s random thoughts: Holiday weeks should be great training weeks… …But they’re often not. Think about it logically. On a week like this week, most people had a three-day weekend to relax, and then a shortened work week. The generic full-time worker had only 32 hours of work to complete this week, instead of the typical 40. That…

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05.29.14 – Thursday – Three Movement Principles

Here’s a secret: I have the easiest job in the world. As a CrossFit coach, I help people learn how to move well and get into good positions to be safe, strong, efficient, and powerful. If you think about the hundreds of movements and dozens of pieces of equipment that we use, that can seem pretty complex….

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05.27.14 – Tuesday – Student Athlete Summer Camp

This summer, CrossFit Manatee is offering an off-season strength and conditioning camp designed to help student athletes learn to move better, get stronger, and increase work capacity. Our program is targeted towards student athletes (9th grade and up) not currently participating in an off-season strength and conditioning program. This program is designed to develop overall fitness by improving…

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05.26.14 – Monday – Memorial Day!

As a reminder, here are today’s hours for Memorial Day: 9a 12p 5:30p All other class times are cancelled for the holiday. Come WOD with us before/after/during your Memorial Day festivities, and enjoy the holiday! Hero WOD “Nukes” 8 min to complete: Run 1 mile Max rep deadlift (315/225) 10 min to complete: Run 1 mile Max…

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05.24.14 – Saturday – Community

Community means a lot of things. It means the people and places that surround you on a daily basis. It means the habits, traditions, and unwritten rules that shape your everyday life. It means the bonds, strong or weak, that tie us together as a network of people. A lot of CrossFitters talk about the “great…

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05.23.14 – Friday – Friday Random Thoughts

I liked doing the random thoughts last Friday, so I figured why not do it again? Here we go: Muscle-ups are the ultimate love/hate movement If you can do a couple of muscle-ups, you probably love them because doing them makes you feel like a complete badass. If you can’t quite do them, you probably…

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