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06.30.14 – Monday – Reading Assignment

Today marks the beginning of a new cycle. We’ll be talking more about all of the fun things that we’re doing in this cycle later this week, but today you should read this article. We’ll be basing a lot of our strength work in this cycle on the ideas in the article, and that means…

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06.28.14 – Saturday – From the Vault: How Our Classes Work

Today’s “from the vault” features not just one blog post, but five. Back in February, we did a series of blog posts that explained the what, how, and why behind our classes: Why they’re organized the way they are, what each segment of the class contributes to the whole, and how they all work together…

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06.27.14 – Friday – Scientific Nollig

Today, we feature an informative video. Science incoming! (Fair warning: it gets a little vulgar.) [youtube] Dropping knowledge. It’s what we’re all about. Foundation Turkish get-up 10 min to practice and find 1rm WOD “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10: Double-unders Situps Compare: 12.24.13

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06.26.14 – Thursday – Why We Snatch

Sometimes it can be hard to see the connection between learning and practicing a complex movement like the snatch and achieving the health, body composition, and performance goals that we all have. But these complicated, detailed, timing-dependent, frustrating movements actually offer a big return on the time you invest in them. Here are some of the…

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06.25.14 – Wednesday – Link Love: GMO’s!

You can’t talk about nutrition, paleo, or the general state of the world nowadays without someone bringing up the topic of genetically modified organisms. In general, this seems to be a topic that invites extreme reactions. On one hand, you have the hippies screaming, “mutant poison food!” and on the other, the conservatives yell, “life-saving supercrops!”…

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06.24.14 – Tuesday – Badass Manatees

I’m so very proud of our athletes who competed in the Fit Nation Thunderdome competition this weekend. We had ten athletes compete in total: Rob, Shepp, Jorge, Jayne, Julie, Korri, Roc, James, Jeff, and Jamie. Most of our athletes were first-time competitors, and I couldn’t be prouder of how they performed and how they handled…

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06.23.14 – Monday – The Power of “Yet”

We sometimes get fixated on our own perceived shortcomings. At home, at work, and at the gym, we tend to be our own harshest critics. This can be a helpful thing, if it spurs us to improve these areas of perceived weakness, or it can be harmful, if it causes us to doubt ourselves and keeps…

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06.21.14 – Saturday – Fit Nation Thunderdome

This weekend, we have three teams and one individual competing at the Fit Nation Thunderdome competition in Estero. Spectator tickets are available here for those who want to come cheer on their fellow Manatees on in person. Good luck to our competitors: Jeff, Roc, James, Julie, Jayne, Korri, Shepp, Rob, Jorge, and Jamie! Team WOD Partner…

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