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08.01.14 – Friday – Form Follows Function

Don’t forget Friday Funday, tonight after the 6:30p class. Come hang out with your fellow Manatees! People often get into exercise because they want to look different. They want to lose 10 pounds, or “tone” their muscles, or fit into their jeans from high school. These goals are phrased in the language of losses: losing…

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07.31.14 – Thursday – Fist Bumps

We give a lot of fist bumps at CFM. We do it because they’re awesome. Turns out, in addition to being the coolest way to say “hello,” or “good job,” fist bumps help to keep you clean and healthy: Fist Bumps Pass Along Fewer Germs Than Handshakes (and High Fives) Foundation Part 1 Incline Bench Press…

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07.30.14 – Wednesday – Injury Rates

As a reminder, we will not have yoga today — Victoria is out of town. Yoga will be back next week! When you tell your friends and family that you do CrossFit, they freak out. “That stuff is dangerous,” they say. “You’ll hurt yourself.” Well, hold your horses, overly-concerned Aunt Phoebe. According to this summary of…

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07.29.14 – Tuesday – The CrossFit Games

As most of you know, the CrossFit Games were this past weekend, and they were awesome. The events were crazy, the athletes were amazing, and the competition was intense. It’s inspiring to see these great competitors push their bodies and minds to their limits in pursuit of the title. Every year, the Games inevitably bring a…

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07.28.14 – Monday – Resetting Your Taste Buds

There’s one thing that almost every single dietary guru and nutritional resource agrees on: sugar is bad for you. Sure, there’s a difference of degree: Some nutritionists believe that sugar is tolerable in moderation, while others think that a single gram will kill you. But the consensus is that sugar is bad, and that minimizing (or eliminating)…

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07.26.14 – Saturday – Exercise Smart

Don’t forget, today is our Community WOD at 10:30a. Everyone is invited to come check out CrossFit with this special workout designed for beginners! What’s the point of exercise? When you ask people why they work out, you’ll get answers like, “I want to lose weight,” “I’m trying to defy my family’s history of heart disease,” or “I…

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07.25.14 – Friday – Weekend Happenings

We have a couple of fun things happening this weekend: Friday @ 7:30p: Friday Funday! Join us after the 6:30 WOD to hang out with your fellow Manatees and enjoy a tasty beverage. We’ll have the CrossFit Games streaming on the TV for your viewing pleasure! Saturday @ 10:30a: Community WOD! We’re inviting anyone and…

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07.24.14 – Thursday – The Habit of Fitness

Our habits shape our lives. The little things we do every day add up over time to become the big things that define us: If you stop at Starbucks every morning before work, you become known as the coffee guy. Similarly, little things add up over time: If you don’t brush your teeth, you’re going to have…

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07.22.14 – Tuesday – Community WOD!

We’ll be hosting a Community WOD on Saturday at 10:30a! This is a chance for anyone interested in CrossFit, or in trying a new kind of exercise, to come check out CrossFit Manatee. The workout will be tailored to beginners and new CrossFitters, and will be fun for everyone! We also have some special treats in…

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