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09.01.14 – Monday – Sumo Deadlift

Note: In celebration of Labor Day, the 9:00 a.m. class will be the only class offered today. All other class times are cancelled. Enjoy the holiday! We’ve done deadlifts. We’ve done sumo deadlift high pulls. But for many of you, this will be your first time doing sumo deadlifts. So let’s quickly go over what makes a…

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08.30.14 – Saturday – Static Holds

Remember, stick around after the WOD to cheer on your fellow Manatees competing in the CrossFit Team Series at 10:15 this morning! Also note: In celebration of the Labor Day holiday, the 9:00 a.m. class will be the only class offered on Monday, September 1. No other classes will be held on that day. Today’s WOD…

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08.29.14 – Friday – Weekend Fun!

It’s a holiday weekend! Here’s what the fun and games will look like at CFM: Friday (today!) at 7:30p: Friday Funday! Unwind with your fellow CrossFitters after our evening WODs on Friday. We’ll have a few tasty beverages on hand for those who wish to partake, as well as Wii games and other shenanigans. Come hang out!…

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08.28.14 – Thursday – Thinking About Nutrition

At our nutrition seminar a few months ago, we drew a framework for thinking about nutrition on the board. It looked something like this: The basic idea here is that you can break down how we think about and react to food into two components: An emotional component, which relates to your own personal memories, your…

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08.26.14 – Tuesday – What is Recovery?

Note: In celebration of the Labor Day holiday, the 9:00 a.m. class will be the only class offered on Monday, September 1. No other classes will be held on that day. Exercise makes you weaker and slower. It is the recovery process that your body goes through after exercise that makes you stronger, faster, and healthier….

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08.25.14 – Monday – Safety, Efficiency, and Intensity

There are three main things that your coaches care about during a WOD: Safety, efficiency, and intensity. Safety means that you are performing the movements in a way that minimizes the chance of acute or chronic injury, and that the logistics of your workout (how your equipment is set up and how much space you have…

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08.23.14 – Saturday – CrossFit Terminology

We use a lot of weird words at CrossFit Manatee. Previously, we’ve published posts on barbell terminology (explaining things like “clean,” “snatch,” “high hang,” etc.) and CrossFit Manatee slang. Today, I want to define some CrossFit-specific terminology we use. This should be helpful to newer members as they pick up the lingo, and to more…

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08.22.14 – Friday – The Hook Grip

Today, we will snatch. Therefore, today is a great day to learn and/or practice your hook grip. The hook grip is very useful for the olympic lifts — and, in my opinion, for the deadlift — but as a group we have some confusion about when, why, and how to use the hook grip. So let’s…

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08.21.14 – Thursday – Sleep!

Sleep is important. The science of sleep is fascinating, and every time I learn something new about sleep, that thing makes me think that sleep is even more important than I thought it was previously. So today, I present for your enjoyment, an article from Catalyst Athletics that I found very interesting: Understanding Sleep for Optimal Recovery &…

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