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Pantheon Games!

As you guys know, a number of our members and coaches are heading down to Miami to compete in this weekend’s Pantheon Games. There are a few things that you need to know in relationship to this: First, as we’ve been announcing at the gym all week, we will NOT have classes on Friday evening or…

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Your Pushups Suck

A properly performed pushup, with a perfectly straight body through the full range of motion, is an excellent builder of whole-body strength and stability. Perfect pushups help to build strength that improves lots of things, from deadlifts to pullups to squats and beyond. However, even a little sag in your pushup robs it of its…

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How is CrossFit Different?

At least a couple of times every week, someone will ask me, “how is CrossFit different than boot camp/P90x/Zumba/etc?” On one hand, it’s an annoying question: CrossFit is different from those other programs in the same way that an apple is different from a twinkie. They’re in the same basic category (food), but their defining characteristics are…

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Happiness, Joy, and Sunshine

I’m sitting in the recliner at the gym. It’s 8 a.m. on a Wednesday. I’m sipping my coffee and reading an ibook on my phone. The lights in the gym are off, and the sign by the door is flipped to “closed,” but the door is unlocked. I finish my chapter in the book and look up,…

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Foundation Work on a Wednesday?!

Yes. You’re not hallucinating. We have Foundation work today. In fact, we’ll have Foundation work every Wednesday for this entire cycle of programming. Why? The short answer is, “because we need it.” The long answer involves percentage waves and supercompensation theory and a discussion of the differences in training for strength or for power. The medium-length answer is…

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Development and Mastery

We’re starting a new cycle of programming today. In this cycle, we’re using two different “tracks” to attack our Foundation work. You’ll need to decide (with the help of your coaches) which track is most appropriate for you. Here are your options: Development This track is for athletes who are new to the Olympic lifts, or whose technique…

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Why We WOD

WOD: Acronym for “Workout of the Day.” Used by CrossFitters to denote the workout assigned for that day’s class (“Have you seen today’s WOD?”), the class itself (“Are you going to the 5:30 WOD?”), or the act of working out (“I’m going to go get my WOD on.”). CrossFit is hard. Every WOD is difficult….

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What is Crossfit?

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