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As a CrossFitter, a coach, an affiliate owner, a husband, a son, and an evil genius, I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Here’s a brief selection of some of those things: I’m thankful for my health I’ve done a lot to make sure I stay healthy. I exercise almost every day….

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Why Is The Gym Closed?

This year’s holiday schedule means that we’ll be closed for a couple of days after Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Understandably, some of you are distressed about this — you have time off of work, and you want to get in to the gym to work out! So why are we closed for a few days…

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Kipping Pullup Progression

This cycle, we’re spending time every Wednesday practicing our kipping pull-ups. The progression that you use will be unique to each individual, based on your current level of strength and proficiency in pull-ups. Here’s how it will work: For those of you who can’t perform strict pull-ups, or who need a green band or more…

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Holiday Hours

Attention all Manatees! With Thanksgiving coming up next week, it’s time to announce our holiday hours for the 2014 holiday season. Here goes: Thanksgiving We will be closed on Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28 Holiday Party We will have a super-awesome Holiday Party on Saturday, December 13. It will be in the morning and will replace our…

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Three Reasons to WOD With Your Significant Other

We all know the benefits of regular exercise: You look better, you feel better, and you become healthier. Those are things that anyone would want for themselves, and I think that everyone would also wish those benefits on their significant other, as well. But working out with your significant other does more than just confer…

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What Should I Eat?

A quick word on nutrition: CrossFit’s nutritional prescription is this (from Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. I’m a fan of this nutritional philosophy for three reasons: It’s simple, it’s easy to remember, and it works. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this prescription,…

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Lessons from the Pantheon Games

Nine Manatees competed at The Pantheon Games in Miami last weekend. Much fun was had by all, and I’m very proud of how all of our athletes performed — we all did our best, supported each other, and were friendly and respectful towards our competitors, judges, and the spectators. I’m actually not really excited about competing myself….

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Perfection vs Progress

CrossFit is tough. We do lots of different things. The things we do are hard — sometimes they’re difficult in terms of technique (like the snatch), sometimes they’re just physically demanding to perform (like deadlifts), and sometimes they’re both (like thrusters). That’s what makes CrossFit worthwhile, and what keeps it fun. That constant variety, and…

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