Apr 2016


The Festivus Games

Finally, an event for “the rest of us!” Novice, Intermediate and Masters Athletes – this is your chance to compete regardless of skill! CrossFit Bradenton is hosting it's 3rd consecutive Festivus Games on April 16th, 2016. Each time it's gotten bigger and better. There is stll no Fire-Breather types allowed. Beginners only! Click here to register:


The Gym Olympics

Two Person Teams. $10.00 Per Team. BYOB! Events: 1. Clip Toss: Each team member gets 10 attempts to toss as many bar clips as possible into a painters bucket Points: 1 clip completely in bucket = 1 point Distance minimum 16 feet 2. Band Toss: Each team member has 10 attempts to toss and wrap a Red resistance band around the different levels of bars on rig Points: Low Bar= 1 point, High outside Bar= 2 points, High inside Bar= 3 points Distance minimum 10 feet 3. Cone Toss: Each…

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