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Mar 2015


Tips & Tricks for 15.4

For some of you, 15.4 is all about handstand pushups. For others, 15.4 will be all about the cleans. For everyone, it’s about pacing. First things first. If you plan to do this workout RX, watch this video from gymnastics guru Carl Paoli of Gymnastics WOD. Really. Watch it. Now. …And now you know everything…

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Keep Pushing

15.3 was a tough workout. Those of us without muscle-ups spent a frantic four days watching hours and hours of video, and trying again and again to get that first-ever rep. As an added bonus, the scaled version of the workout was a truly brutal burner, leaving those who completed it unable to walk right for…

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Tips & Tricks for 15.2

It’s a repeat! We’ve seen a repeated WOD in every year of the Open thus far (with the exception of the first Open, in 2011). This year, 15.2 is a repeat of 14.2 — a high-skill shoulder burner that will be 3 minutes of desperate pull-up attempts for some, and 15+ minutes of cardio-torture for others. The tips…

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Tips & Tricks for 15.1

The CrossFit Open is upon us! On Saturday, we’ll be doing 15.1. Your coaches have done extensive scientific study (aka a Friday-morning bro-sesh) to determine the best methods to help you do your best on this WOD. Here’s what we’ve come up with: The Workout The first workout of this year’s CrossFit Open is really…

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Functional Movement Screenings!

One of the many reasons CrossFit is a great tool for staying in shape and becoming a better you, is that everything about it is quantifiable. Faster WOD times, heavier loads lifted, lightened body weight while performing similar weights beforehand, etc. The one item of CrossFit that hasn’t followed suit with the rest is that…

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Strict Muscle-Up Progression

Muscle-ups are one of the most sought-after skills in CrossFit. It looks really freaking cool when you see somebody throw themselves up over those rings, and many CrossFitters eagerly push themselves towards getting that first muscle-up. You’ll often see people swinging around on the rings, trying to use a humongous kip to get their first-ever muscle-up….

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CrossFit Is Like Gardening

Despite hardcore shirts that claim otherwise, CrossFit is nothing like war. It’s not an extreme cult of badass super-people. Doing CrossFit is not like military training, or martial arts. CrossFit is like gardening. A gardener cultivates his or her plants. He waters and fertilizes them. She puts them in the right kind of soil and in the right kind of…

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Exercise makes you weaker and slower. It is the recovery process that your body goes through after exercise that makes you stronger, faster, and healthier. So what is recovery, and how do you help your body make the most of it? I’m glad you asked. WHAT IS RECOVERY? The simplest way to understand recovery is…

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