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Resolution Challenge 2016

David Sheppard

Be a better you in 2016.

Every year millions of people start out the new year with the good intentions of healthy habits and change. However, 80% of those resolutions end in failure or abandonment by the end of January. Too many times, we don’t know where to start or how to keep going. This year, you’re in luck!
CrossFit Manatee has just the ticket! Our first annual Resolution Challenge provides the structure, accountability, and competition you need to achieve your goals.

Here’s how it works!

3 Elements to the challenge

-Activity- A daily challenge will be posted each morning on the board in the west wing. Complete the challenge, then post your name and results to receive credit. 10 points for each daily challenge completed.

-Nutrition- We’ll be following the Whole 30 rules.(check them out here: A weekly food journal must be submitted to your coach via email or on paper each week.  Just like during our recent Whole 30 challenge, participants will be given 10 points to start each day and lose one point for each unapproved food item.  You’ll only receive points for nutrition if a journal is turned in. For your convenience here is a copy of the spreadsheet we used during the last challenge. Whole 30 Live Scoresheet

-Social- Let everyone know what you’re doing to reach your goals. CrossFit Manatee will be posting articles and pictures throughout the challenge on our Facebook and Instagram. To earn points, comment with your thoughts or share the post with friends.

We’ll be logging points behind the scenes and a winner will be announced at the end of the month! Let’s start 2016 with a bang!


Today's WOD coming soon

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Today's WOD coming soon




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