Memorial Day “Murph”

:: It’s that time of year again!!! Murph-month!::
This year we’re working with the local AMVETS Post 941 to help a veteran right in our own neighborhood!
//: Former US Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class, Micah McDonald://
Micah has been disabled after a head injury sustained in the military. His home is in need of some serious work. The AMVETS Post has the manpower to complete the construction but they need help with funding the project.
Here’s where we can help. This year, we’ll be supporting Micah and his family through the tradition of Murph. ALL PROCEEDS RAISED GO DIRECTLY TO MICAH AND HIS FAMILY! Here’s how you can get involved.
1. Purchase a limited Murph Shirt! Just like last year, Murph shirts will be pre-sale only and cost $30. All orders must be in by May 12. We won’t be ordering extras this year!
2. PROGRAM FOR CROSSFIT MANATEE FOR A DAY!!! For $100 a member, or a group of members can get together to program a day in the gym! That’s right!!! We’ll use your genius to run the box all day! (Fine print: WOD is subject to change by staff to maintain the safety of members.)
3. The Bucket Challenge. For every dollar placed in the MURPH bucket between Friday April 28th and Friday May 26th our coaches will do 2 burpees. For example, if we raise $500 …the coaches as a collective group would have to complete 1000 burpees. WHOA!
Lots of fun for a great cause! Get involved!

“Murph” will take place on Memorial Day May 29th. We will have an 7:30am and a 10am class. 

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