Getting Started

Plans & Pricing

It’s rare to find a CrossFit gym that publishes its prices online. We do because we believe that our product is the best, and that our pricing is a bargain for the value our members receive:

  • Over 40 custom-programmed, professionally-coached CrossFit classes each week
  • An average of 26 hours of in-class training each month
  • Specialty content such as Barbell classes and in-depth seminars on a variety of health and fitness topics

All for a mere $160* per month membership.

That means you’re paying a rate of $6.15 per hour for your CrossFit Manatee classes. Compare that to personal training at a gym, which usually costs between $40 and $60 per hour. It would cost well over $1,000 to receive 20 hours per month of personal training at many other gyms. (For more on the price breakdown and value of a CrossFit Manatee membership, check out this blog post.)

*Individual rate. See chart below for other membership options.

Free Introductory Session


If you’re interested in joining CrossFit Manatee, we encourage you to try us out with a free introductory session. These sessions include a discussion of your health and fitness goals, a fitness evaluation, and an introduction to CrossFit.Click here to sign up for your free introductory session!

Sign Up Online


Ready to join us? You can jump straight in with a membership by signing up here. You can also sign up for memberships in person at the gym.

On Ramp


The On-Ramp Course is designed to set you up for success in a safe and confident environment prior to entering our regular classes. You’ll learn what CrossFit is and why it is a great way to get you fit for life and other endeavors. These 4 private training classes (which are required for everyone who is new to CrossFit) will teach you all the basics to get you ready for the intensity of our training methodology. Come prepared to learn new skills and sweat a little.



On-Ramp (4 Sessions)


Once you have completed your On-Ramp program, you get the rest of the month on us. This expires 30 days after the start of your first on ramp session. 



Memberships are the most cost-effective way to attend classes CrossFit Manatee. A CrossFit Manatee membership at $160/month gives you access to an average of 26 hours of in-class training each month, meaning that you’re paying a rate of $6.15 per hour for your CrossFit Manatee classes. Compare that to personal training at a gym, which usually costs between $40 and $60 per hour.

Individual $180 $160
Family (2 people at the same address) $305 $275
Family (each additional person) $125 $100
Student Membership (HS or MS only) $100    


Punch Cards


Punch cards are an alternative way to join CrossFit Manatee’s group classes. Punch cards work well for people who travel often or who want to try a few classes before committing to a membership.

10 classes $150
20 classes $250


Personal Training


Personal training is a great option for individuals who desire one-on-one attention, have specialized needs, or are pursuing sport-specific goals.

1 session $60
5 sessions $275
10 session $500
20 sessions $900



CrossFit Manatee offers custom programming and group instruction for teams of all kinds, from high school sports teams to C-level leadership groups. Contact us for more information.

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