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Kipping Pullup Progression


This cycle, we’re spending time every Wednesday practicing our kipping pull-ups. The progression that you use will be unique to each individual, based on your current level of strength and proficiency in pull-ups. Here’s how it will work:

For those of you who can’t perform strict pull-ups, or who need a green band or more to do a pull-up:

  • Practice ring rows. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps, and try to bring your feet as far forward under the rings as possible while maintaining perfect form throughout all reps.

For those of you who can perform one or more perfect strict pull-ups with a blue band or less:

For those of you who can do one or more perfect, unassisted strict pull-ups:

  • Start with this kipping progression (note that the progression is for the kip only, with no pull-up)
  • Once you have completely mastered the kipping progression, move on to this kipping pull-up progression
  • Once you’ve mastered the kipping progression, practice 3 sets of max rep perfect kipping pull-ups
  • If you can perform 10 or more perfect kipping pull-ups in each set, practice 3 sets of max rep perfect kipping chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • If you can perform 10 or more perfect chest-to-bar kipping pull-ups in each set, practice this progression for bar muscle-ups

Your coaches will be at Open Gym time (as always) to help you figure out exactly what you should be working on in this kipping pull-up progression, and to make sure you’re performing the movements properly. Get excited about improving your pull-ups before the end of the year!

Today's WOD coming soon

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Today's WOD coming soon




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