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David Sheppard

I’ve spent far too much time over the past week thinking about the color orange.

We’ve been working on the official CrossFit Manatee logo, and for the past week, the only issue coming between us and a final logo was the specific shade of orange that we would use. We looked at red-oranges, yellow-oranges, and Halloween-oranges. We looked at oranges on computer screens. We looked at oranges on paint chips. We looked at oranges in those fancy color-books that graphic designers use. In short, we (and by “we,” I really mean “I”) became neurotic about finding the perfect shade of orange for our logo.

It was ridiculous, really. Orange is orange. (Except when it’s red-orange — then, it’s almost pink. But I digress.) Luckily, my very patient graphic designer stuck with me through my incessant requests for “tests” of different shades of orange, and now we have a shiny, new, professional-looking logo:

After much deliberation… orange!

Speaking of shiny things, the lights in the gym are now functional, making it much easier to see what a mess we’ve made of the place with all the work that’s been going on. One thing that’s very easy to see is the pile of mats sitting in the middle of the space — 3100 pounds of 3/4″ rubber matting that will cover the floors to make the gym nice and comfy for situps or Turkish get-ups, and dampen the noise of deadlifts and snatches.

Later this week, Steve with Power Monkey Fitness Equipment will take measurements for our custom-made pullup rig, and if all goes to plan, we could be hosting a painting party this weekend. Stay tuned for more info!

Steven and Zack are ready to paint! Are you?

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