Our Box

Who are we

Our Community
We at CrossFit Manatee are a varied bunch… high school athletes, working moms, those with old injuries, professionals, retirees, retired military, a grandma in her 70s… and everything in between. But together we believe in…

  • Pushing ourselves and supporting our fellow CrossFitters.
  • Putting forth our best effort in the gym to live a better life outside of the gym.
  • Moving well is just as important to real-world fitness as strength, speed or stamina.
  • Using efficient, natural movement patterns minimizes injury risk and maximizes performance in any real-world situation – from picking up a heavy bag of dog food, to playing volleyball on the beach, to chasing down a suspect.

In other words, CrossFit Manatee is a community of like-minded friends who work hard to improve ourselves and each other. Join us…

Our Facility
CrossFit Manatee is a CrossFit affiliate gym in Bradenton, Florida. Our facility at 5757 Manatee Avenue West a few doors down from Winn Dixie features 17′ ceilings, wide-open floors, multiple Rogue rigs, and air conditioning. Our equipment includes kettlebells, Olympic barbells, bumper plates, plyo boxes, medicine balls, jump ropes, mobility tools, and more.

Our Name
“CrossFit Manatee? Like the dolphin things? Wait, no, what are they… sea cows?”

That was one out-of-state friend’s reaction to the news that co-owner Lucas Ogden-Davis would be opening a gym in Bradenton called CrossFit Manatee. Even after he explained the reference to Manatee County and Manatee Avenue, his friend still thought it was “weird to name a gym after a big, blubbery sea mammal.”

Maybe Lucas’s friend was right. It is kind of weird to have a gym whose mascot is a roly-poly ball of peaceful, plant-eating laziness. But Lucas thinks the name is appropriate, for a few reasons:

  • Manatees are symbols of Bradenton and Florida. They evoke thoughts of sunshine, sand, and relaxing days at the beach. Lucas believes that exercise is a tool to improve your life outside of the gym. So hard work at CrossFit Manatee can help you better enjoy your beach days by giving you the energy to dominate your buddies in a volleyball game, take a long bike ride with your spouse, or chase your kids around the sand.
  • CrossFit Manatee isn’t about super-human firebreathers throwing thousands of pounds around the gym while screaming with primal rage. It’s about regular people working hard to improve themselves, and having fun while doing it. Manatees are fun, friendly, and social; so is CrossFit Manatee.
  • Manatees are secretly awesome. They can swim at speeds up to 20 mph in a sprint. They’re adaptable enough to move freely between salt water and fresh water, and thrive in both. They’re as smart as dolphins, and have no natural predators — even sharks avoid taking on a 1,300-pound manatee. So while manatees are big, friendly goofballs, they’re big, friendly goofballs that hide some serious ninja skills.

CrossFit Manatee is all about bringing together a group of people who work hard every day to improve themselves and each other. Everyone is welcome, and anyone who comes through our door can expect to be challenged in such a way that they’ll discover physical capabilities they never knew they had.

CrossFit Manatee: We may have a silly name, but we do serious work. Fear the Sea Cow.

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