Our Programs

Our Programs


CrossFit is the most complete, most effective fitness program in the world. It’s infinitely scalable to meet the specific needs, challenges, and goals of any individual. Whether you’re a longtime athlete or a couch potato wanting to get in shape, CrossFit is the best way to take your fitness to the next level. CrossFit Manatee’s CrossFit classes are led by our highly-qualified coaches, who motivate, educate, and guide you through the whole class. To get started with our CrossFit classes, schedule a free intro session.

Manatee Barbell Club

The Manatee Barbell Club is for athletes looking to increase their overall strength and ability in the Olympic and power lifts. It is recommended that Manatee Barbell Club members have previous experience with Olympic lifting, basic barbell lifts, and CrossFit before starting training with the club. Contact us if you’re interested in joining the Manatee Barbell Club.


The Legends Program is for those athletes who are typically 50 and over. We’ve listened to what this age group is saying and we’ve designed a program from top to bottom with their needs and wants being our driving force.

Although CrossFit is designed to accommodate Any athlete of Any age and Any fitness level, the feedback that the community has received shows that athletes who are 50+ appreciate a few changes made to the typical CrossFit class.

  • Workouts which are prescribed (RX) for an athlete who is 50 and over
  • Music is at a lower level so you can hear instruction
  • More time allotted for Warm-Up at the beginning and Stretching at the end of the class
  • Coaches who are educated on Masters and Legends level CrossFit athletes
  • A community of similar aged athletes within the class.

Kids Fitness

Establishing healthy habits early is important to a child’s life-long health and fitness. Our Kids Fitness classes are taught by an experienced CrossFitter and are designed to be educational, challenging, and fun for kids of all fitness levels! Classes are offered on Friday at 5:30p (ages 5-12 only). The cost is $10/class for 1 child, $5 each for any additional children/class. Contact us for more information.

Personal Training

1-on-1 training with one of our coaches is a great way to jump-start your fitness journey. Whether you’re training for an event, wanting to take your sport-specific training to the next level, or just looking to get in great shape, our coaches will design and implement a completely customized program to help you reach your goals. Personal training rates can be found here. Contact us for more information or to book a free assessment.


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