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Three Ways To Get The Most From Your WOD

The single biggest element in your success in CrossFit, or in anything, is simply showing up every day and putting in the work. If your only strategy to improve your health and fitness is to get to the gym every single day and do what your coaches tell you to do, then you’ll do just…

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Bang for your Buck

CrossFit is all about the idea of getting the most “bang for your buck” out of the time you spend in the gym. We use compound movements in Foundation work to build strength and coordination throughout your whole body, as opposed to using isolation exercises to strengthen one muscle group at a time. We use high-intensity (and…

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Balancing Work and Recovery

Americans glorify the idea of hard work. Want to be smart? Work hard in school. Want to be rich? Work hard in business. Want to be fit? Work hard in the gym. There’s certainly value in this ethic. Giving your best effort is always going to lead to better results than half-assing it. And it would be…

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Tips for Starting CrossFit

It’s time! You want to get in shape, so you think about giving this “CrossFit” thing a try. You walk into the gym, and it’s a little bit intimidating: You see fit-looking people wearing t-shirts with words that you don’t understand (“What the heck is a pood?!”), joking with each other about things that sound sketchy and/or illegal…

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New Classes!

We’re very excited to be offering two awesome new classes, starting this week! These classes are included with your CrossFit Manatee membership, and are open to non-members for $10/class (or $90 for 10 classes when you buy a 10-class pass!). Here’s the low-down on the new classes: Boot Camp with Julie This 45-minute, circuit-based conditioning class, is…

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Tips & Tricks for 15.5

Do. Not. Stop. The last workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open is what many of you have been both hoping for and dreading: A pure, straightforward test of physical stamina and mental fortitude. There are no muscle-ups or double-unders to slow you down. There is no time cap to save you. There is just a…

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New Adventures

Getting straight to the point: As many of you will have heard today, Kim and I will be moving to Houston this July. For those of you who I haven’t had a chance to talk to in person yet, I apologize for telling you in this way. But a blog post from me seemed a…

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Keep Pushing

15.3 was a tough workout. Those of us without muscle-ups spent a frantic four days watching hours and hours of video, and trying again and again to get that first-ever rep. As an added bonus, the scaled version of the workout was a truly brutal burner, leaving those who completed it unable to walk right for…

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Tips & Tricks for 15.2

It’s a repeat! We’ve seen a repeated WOD in every year of the Open thus far (with the exception of the first Open, in 2011). This year, 15.2 is a repeat of 14.2 — a high-skill shoulder burner that will be 3 minutes of desperate pull-up attempts for some, and 15+ minutes of cardio-torture for others. The tips…

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