Korri says

I first heard about CrossFit from a friend, a few years ago. I was always intrigued, but thought the expense was crazy! My workout consisted of an online program I could do at home. Effective…if I did it.

After driving by the CrossFit Manatee sign, I decided to give the free class a try. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything more than a good sweat. What I found was an amazing trainer who took all my insecurities and washed them away. I was instructed how to scale a workout to my own body and its capabilities. Can’t do a push-up? No problem. There are about 10 different ways to alter the movement, making it manageable to anyone. Then, I met other Manatees. The community and support I get from CrossFit is what keeps me coming back. It’s truly an amazing experience to be at the end of a workout, out of breath, thinking you can’t possibly do one more rep, and hearing from across the gym, “You got this! One more!” Somehow, you get one more.

- Korri, 35
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