David says

I started Crossfit at the end of 2012 because I was beginning to notice that when playing 18 holes of golf I was really starting to tire out after the first 9-12 and would have a good game go to a bad game real quick because of fatigue. At 30 years old I decided that I didn’t want my love of the game of golf to go away because I was too lazy to do something about my physical fitness. At the time I joined, I had a regular gym membership and would go when I felt up for it. I reluctantly joined Crossfit, with a little push from my wife.

The first month of Crossfit I treated much like the other gym. I would go two days a week, then three days, then maybe, if I was really feeling enthusiastic, 4 days a week. At about two months, I realized, although I hadn’t noticed a drastic change in my body shape, the soreness after workouts were beginning to be less and less. I didn’t really dive into Crossfit until I embraced the community aspect of the box. I made friends that sweat along side me and pushed me through really tough workouts. After three months of being a Manatee, I couldn’t wait to get off work and meet up with my friends at the box for a WOD. Soon after that breakthrough, I started to see some real physical changes in my body. Within 6 months, although the numbers on the scale didn’t change, I dropped two pants sizes.  After adding clean eating to my physical training, I have really started to develop the muscle and definition I’ve been striving for. I can now do movements such as handstand pushups, chest to bar pull-ups, double-unders, and many others that I wouldn’t have been able to do staying with my routine at my old gym. I am very thankful that I found Crossfit.

- David, 36
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