Irene says

What I didn’t know when I walked through the front doors of Crossfit Manatee, with a history of back pain and asthma, and unable to do a single pushup or run without getting winded, was that this place holds the key to helping just about anyone find the secret to lasting fitness. A year later, I’m free of back pain, I can run a 5K, do weighted pushups, deadlift my husband’s weight, and can’t wait to go to CFM every day to work hard with a great group of people and excellent coaches, and leave sweaty and feeling accomplished.  Furthermore, thanks to the knowledge and insight of coach Lucas, my 13-year old daughter who had avoided physical activity all her life, has also become hooked on exercise and is developing wonderful  lifelong habits and a great understanding that strong is healthy and hard work can be fun. My husband, despite recovering from a hernia, couldn’t help but join in all the fun.  Our family culture has now become one of fitness and our 5-year old can’t wait to be old enough to join us! 

- Irene, 44
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