Kevin says

As 40 was quickly approaching, I found myself slowly getting more and more out of shape.  Although I regularly played basketball and lifted a few weights at local gyms, I had no routine I was committed to.  Being a father of two young boys, it seemed harder and harder to find the time to make my health a priority.  A friend of mine recommended Crossfit.  I watched videos online and read a few testimonials, and, I’ll be honest,  it looked intimidating. It also intrigued me.

As a former Marine, I was also searching for that brotherhood and camaraderie that I had in the Marine Corps. It was missing from my local globo gym.  Crossfit looked like just the thing.  Now, two years later, I can say that I have hit that 40 year old mark and I am, by far, in the best shape of my life.  Just as important though, I have built relationships with people that will last a lifetime.  My Crossfit family is truly that, FAMILY!  I look forward every day to the time I get to spend sweating next to some of my best friends. We’re all there with the same goal in mind….making each other bette

- Kevin, 42
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