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Three Ways To Get The Most From Your WOD

David Sheppard

The single biggest element in your success in CrossFit, or in anything, is simply showing up every day and putting in the work. If your only strategy to improve your health and fitness is to get to the gym every single day and do what your coaches tell you to do, then you’ll do just fine. Heck, you’ll do better than fine — you’ll get into the best shape of your life.

But there are other things you can do in or around that hour of time you’ve dedicated to the gym to get even more out of your CrossFit experience. Here are three simple ways to super-charge your gym experience:

Show up 5 minutes early

Dedicate those five minutes before class working on something that you really, really suck at. Spend the time in a stretch that is particularly challenging for you, or working on a skill that you can’t quite grasp. Getting to the gym five minutes early isn’t that hard, and those little increments of time spent working on your weaknesses will add up quickly.

Focus on the task at hand

When you’re doing your Foundation work, don’t think ahead to the WOD. When you’re doing the WOD, don’t worry about how you did in the Foundation, or what’s coming up tomorrow. Simply focus on giving every ounce of effort that you possibly can to completing the task in front of you at this moment. You’ll be surprised at how tuning the rest of the world out and giving your complete attention to your current task will make your workouts more rewarding, and will help your results improve more quickly.


When you exercise, you make your body weaker, slower, and less fit. It’s what your body does to recover from exercise that makes you stronger, faster, and more fit. The best way to jump-start that recovery process and get the most out of the rebuilding time between the workout you just finished and tomorrow’s WOD is to give your body some good fuel immediately after working out. This can come in the form of a protein shake, a bar, or a small meal. Giving your body the tools to recover from the workout within half an hour of exercising will really improve your recovery and help you see results more quickly.

You’ve already made the big commitment of spending an hour each day working on your own health and fitness. These three simple steps don’t require much time or energy, and they’ll help you make the most out of your time in the gym.


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