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David Sheppard

Rumor has it that there was supposed to be a hurricane and/or tropical storm today, but apparently nobody bothered to tell the wind and rain to actually show up. As I write this, the air is completely still outside the window, and I can see patches of blue sky through the high clouds.

Due to the (inaccurate) forecast of severe weather, I changed plans in order to spend today holed up at home, riding out the (imaginary) storm, catching up on some paperwork and finally updating this blog. Lots of things have been happening with the gym lately, so let me bring you up to speed:

The gym actually looks like a gym! The basics are all in place: Painting is done, floor mats are down, and the whiteboards and clock have been hung. It’s come along to the point that I was actually able to do my WODs in the gym by the end of last week!

The painting crew strikes a sassy pose in front of their handiwork

Equipment is starting to arrive! 
We received a couple of pieces from Rogue last week, and our big order from Again Faster will arrive tomorrow. Power Monkey will install the new pullup rig as soon as the weather allows them to finish up the coating and painting process.

The first pieces of equipment to be delivered to the gym. It’s like Christmas in August!

Boot Camp
has been awesome!
We’ve had good groups every morning (except today, which was cancelled due to the threat of the storm), and everybody has worked hard. We’ve done everything from pushups to sled pushes and medicine ball cleans, and more fun is in store for this week.

Early-morning workout fiends!

Last but not least… We will open on Saturday, September 1! You can see the class schedule here, and sign up for a membership here. Members who attended the Boot Camp can jump straight into our group classes, while those who haven’t done so will need to attend our CrossFit 101 course first. Members with previous CrossFit experience can arrange to bypass the CrossFit 101 course by emailing

Get ready, Bradenton — CrossFit Manatee is here!

Today's WOD coming soon

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