“Deck of Cards”

In teams of 3-4

  • Each team is given a deck of cards
  • On the call of “3, 2, 1, GO!,” teams flip over the top card in the deck
  • Each individual must complete the work associated with each card. You may “help” a teammate by completing some of his/her reps after you have completed your own.

What the cards mean:

  • Numbered cards (2-10): Each team member must complete that number of reps of the exercise that corresponds to the card’s suit as indicated below:
    • Spades: air squats
    • Clubs: situps
    • Hearts: pushups
    • Diamonds: pullups
  • Face cards: Each team member must complete the exercise that corresponds to the face card as indicated below:
    • Jacks: 10 burpees
    • Queens: run 400m
    • Kings: 10 Tire Flip and Jump overs (Flip the tire, every member of team then does a tire jump over to complete a rep)
    • Aces: Take a card from the top of another team’s pile, and perform the exercise that corresponds to that card but double the number of reps


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